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About ARC

Active Resilient Coaching & Counseling

ARC Counseling was born out of the life experiences and counseling practice of our founder, Carolynn Ballew, LCSW. ARC stands for Active Resilient Coaching and represents our view of the counseling process. Counseling is not a one-way street, nor is it solely a teacher student relationship. At ARC you and your therapist will ACTIVELY work together to develop and maintain RESILIENCE to work through whatever life may present. At ARC we come along side our clients, supporting, educating and coaching while developing a trusting relationship. We want you to feel comfortable with your therapist and empowered to take an active role in your counseling experience.


All Services Provided Via Telehealth

"Carolynn’s direction helped us to develop a stronger relationship with our son’s school and finally get the right support for him."
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