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Our Services

Here is an overview of the areas we specialize in treating. Click on any of the services below for more detailed information about our approach. 


We help clients develop strategies to address organization, impulse control, motivation, prioritizing and other issues common to those living with ADHD. We offer a strength based approach that allows you to harness your positive energy into productive life habits... Continue reading

Couple Cuddling on a Rooftop

A strong couple, whether newly dating, living together, or celebrating years of marriage constantly needs to be reenergized. Being a couple is as hard as it is rewarding.  Whether you are at the stage of needing communication tools or experiencing some significant divides we can help you find your way...Continue reading

Image by Jan Kopřiva

Stress reducing techniques such as deep breathing can be a great help. We take treatment to a deeper level producing strategies that last a life time. Living with anxiety can be debilitating or it can be managed in a way to allow for a fulfilling and joy filled life...Continue reading


Being a parent is often daunting. Consider the possibility of us being a consultant in guiding you through your parenting needs. Whatever your parenting concerns, we have concrete solutions. Coming along side parents to produce a happier home life for parent and child is a passion of ours...Continue Reading

Image by Warren

Depression can be intermittent or acute during a particular life crisis. We help find the root cause and work to have a better understanding of your depression. This produces a hopeful outlook creating an opportunity to develop strategies which can significantly reduce your symptoms... Continue reading

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Death, marriage, divorce, job change or loss, parenting, and entering college are just a few of the transitions life can throw us. We specialize in providing an objective ear to navigate through these transitions as well as help you develop coping skills to be used now and into the future... Continue reading

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