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believed that less than 20% of adults with ADHD seek treatment and many have never been diagnosed. ADHD can impact punctuality, organization, motivation, ability to prioritize and other executive functions.  ADHD often impacts our most important relationships.  At ARC we are skilled at helping adults identify how and where their ADHD is impeding their functionality in life and helping each client develop individual strategies for success.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, behavior therapy is the first line treatment for ADHD and yet less than half of diagnosed children receive behavior therapy. ADHD challenges children and adolescents slightly differently than adults, in that they are children, their brains are not fully developed.  Building skills to help with behavior management, homework nightmares, disorganization, perpetual lost belongings, family battles, low self esteem, peer conflicts, underachievement in school takes work but is very possible.  At ARC we feel this is best achieved with a combination of coaching and counseling with both the individual child or adolescent as well as with their parents. 


College age students fall somewhere between the above description of ADHD in adults and children. Naturally college aged students are somewhat more mature than a child, but have not developed the skills of an adult, nor have a fully developed brain. We work extensively with students of this age. Whether living at home or away and help for the first time the need for structure is critical for school and life success. Freshman year can be challenging for any student, but for the student with ADHD there exist a myriad of additional challenges. We have a unique approach to working with college students that removes the conflict that often exist between parent and child and helps to put the college student in a seat of responsibility, independence and accountability. Call today for a free phone consultation to learn more about our specific program for college students and older adolescents.

Some estimate up to 11% of children in the United States suffer from ADHD. In adults, the percentage is much lower, about 4%, however it is also largely

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