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Family Issues & Parent Education

Have you ever considered that parenting is the

only lifetime career that comes with no

requirement for professional education or

licensure?  At ARC we find this perplexing.  We

hire business consultants to support our careers,

plumbers to fix our drains, landscapers to design and tend to our yards and on and on. Yet what most of us would attest to valuing the most, our children, we so often do not consider educating ourselves on or seek to hire consultants. At ARC we LOVE parent education and coaching. We ourselves, are parents and know first hand “it takes a village”. It is an honor and privilege to come alongside well intended parents who have reached a cross road in their parenting. Parenting is hard just on its own; add to that the responsibility of career, marriage, caring for elderly parents and a multitude of other life obligations and stressors, and it is easy to see how being a parent can be a very daunting task. Parenting requires a large tool bag and the finesse to know when, how, and where to use any given tool with any one of our children. 


Sometimes we wake up and look at our five-year-old and say, “Oh no I think I am creating a monster.” Or we may look up at our third grader and realize, “Oh gosh, I have done everything I can and her struggles in school are just getting worse and I do not know where to turn.”  Or maybe it is, “My wife’s cancer has consumed me and I do not know how to help my middle school son.” Perhaps your divorce is so difficult that you don’t know how to help your children through it. Whether one of these scenarios resonates with you, you have a different story, or you just want to be proactive and be the best parent you can be, ARC can help.


ARC provides parents support through setting boundaries, establishing behavior management plans and developing different ways to talk and listen to children. We also educate parents on how the parent child relationship may trigger some of our own vulnerabilities, help to establish new rituals, and create “a new normal” for children and parents who are experiencing divorce. We have strong track records at restoring balance to families and the parenting process. Let us walk alongside you and be your consultant at your most important role in life. 

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