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What is Telehealth and is it effective?

We offer counseling services via traditional in person counseling services at our Washington Street offices.  In addition we provide counseling via a HIPPA compliant on line platform.  You will receive a link 24 hours before each session as well as a reminder via text 10 minutes before your appointment.  You can easily log on from any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.  We have successfully treated our entire client base through telehealth with great success for many months.  There are many advantages to telehealth and clients have benefited greatly from this new option.


Are there any special requirements for telehealth?


Yes, there are a few.  It is very important to be in a confidential location where others will not be interrupting in any way.  You will want to enjoy the same level of confidentiality as you do when coming into an office setting.  Places to avoid would be Starbucks,  the company break room, the family room, or a car while traveling with others.  A private office, a parked car, any quiet spot where you can concentrate on you and your therapy are recommended options to optimize the therapeutic experience.  If you have issues finding a good location, discuss this with your therapist who can help you find a viable solution. At the beginning of your session, your therapist will simply want to confirm you are in a safe and private location and then promptly begin your session. 


What about Telehealth Fees and Insurance?

Laws have changed, as have insurance policies with regard to Telehealth coverage. Since March, 2020 many insurance policies are covering telehealth appointments exactly the same as in person therapy.  We recommend you contact your insurance agency to clarify the coverage you will have should you choose telehealth versus in person treatment.  



Can I do both Telehealth and in person treatment? 


Yes, you can.  However, you need to schedule one or the other ahead of time rather than make a last minute decision.  This is due to a couple of reasons.  One, as a practice  we  prepare differently for in person or telehealth clients and therefore need to know ahead of time what kind of appointment our client is scheduling for.    In addition, therapy is a committed.  We want our clients to prepare as such.  Getting ready for therapy is as important as preparing for a meeting or any other commitment. Making a last minute decision does not always set clients up for the best therapeutic experience.  

We are here to make your counseling experience as easy as possible. Please call our office directly at 331-215-7729

Telehealth Information

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