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School Related Issues

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As adults, our major weekly responsibility is often our career. For kids, it is school.  School is often the place where a child's internal struggles may first be seen in behavior and academic performance. Children may exhibit self esteem issues, peer conflicts, organizational, motivational and achievement issues, depression, anxiety and school refusal just to name a few.  Schools can be a very supportive atmosphere and yet for many parents schools seem to be bureaucratic and cold in their approach to children. This is often a misconception and can be born out of a lack of knowledge for the complicated institution that we send our children off to each day. At ARC, we have extensive knowledge of the laws that govern schools in caring for children and the supports that are available to parents and children. We consider ourselves as partners with schools and parents. We have had great success collaborating with schools to help them best support parents and their student. 


When it comes to school related issues we can help in a number of ways. If your student is facing academic struggles due to behavioral or emotional concerns, we can help support that through private counseling.  If you are having struggles understanding what the school is asking of you, suggesting about your child, or the steps they are taking, we can also help.  We often serve as a liaison and support for a parent working with the school. Our goal is to help you understand what your student’s issues are, what school supports are available and to help you develop a healthy, supportive line of communication with the school. 504 Plans and IEPs are two vehicles that schools use to support your student, but they are not the only supports they have and they are not always most appropriate.  Call us today to discuss how we can support  you and your child through therapy to help achieve higher success in school.

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